Page Six Picks Up Tracey As Renee

March 12, 2008

Tracy Takes On... Zellweger
Posted Tue. Mar. 11, 2008 7:40pm by Jarett Wieselman

Tracey Ullman is turning her attention to the current state of America for her hotly anticipated return to television on State of the Union. And one of the main topics Tracey plans to skewer is the country's obsession with celebrities — in addition to targeting stars like Cameron Diaz and David Beckham and wannabe-star mom Dina Lohan, the comedian perfectly pouts it up as Renée Zellweger! You can watch Tracey tackle Tinseltown starting March 30 on Showtime.

Wonder if Miss Zellweger has picked up on the story yet, or if she can tell which picture is her.

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