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Tracey Ullman Responds To Renee Zellweger Zing

Tracey Ullman tapped into celebrity impersonations this past year when shooting her Showtime series "State of the Union." While most of the people she parodied took it in stride, one person who wasn't laughing was Renee Zellweger. During an interview on "The Late Show with David Letterman," the movie star didn't seem pleased when shown a picture of Ullman impersonating her.

"Oh, yeah, I saw that," Ullman tells us. "What did she say? I looked like her twin brother in drag. I thought she'd be fine about it. I think it was a pretty good impersonation of her. I'm surprised no one has done it before. She's such an impersonatable person with her look and her eyes."

"I did a little more of her this year because it was so popular last year. That's probably about it, though, so she need not fear it anymore," adds the funny lady, who is returning for a second season of her show on April 12. "I think she's a wonderful actress. God, I've been impersonated enough in my time. They made a puppet of me once in England on that program 'Spitting Image.' That was pretty rough, but it's par for the course."

This season, Ullman will be introducing a ton of original characters as well as dead-on impersonations of everyone from Jodie Foster to Heather Mills to Celine Dion to Laura Bush.

"I did enjoy being Laura Bush," admits Ullman. "I feel quite successful in how I looked as her. She seemed to summon a lot of respect from the crew because the crew always believes whoever I am and plays along with it. They all wanted to get their picture taken with her. They'd said, 'I don't really like your husband, but you're a class act.'"


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"State of the Union" Season 2 Goes International

DRG Presents Second Season of State of the Union
By Kristin Brzoznowski
Published: March 29, 2009

CANNES: A sophomore season of the sketch-comedy series State of the Union, starring Tracey Ullman, is on offer from the Digital Rights Group (DRG), which has already confirmed a number of deals ahead of MIPTV.

State of the Union, commissioned by Showtime in the U.S., has seven new half-hour episodes, adding to a first season of five 30-minute episodes. Territories acquiring both series include Israel (DBS Satellite Services), Norway (NRK), Sweden (TV4 AB), the Middle East and North Africa (Gulf DTH Entertainment), Finland (Channel 4), Australia (ABC), Brazil (Globosat) and MNET (Africa). DVD rights have been picked up in Australia (ABC) and Benelux (Just Licensing).

DRG will be offering both seasons of State of the Union at MIPTV, with Tracey Ullman and executive producer Allan McKeown on hand to meet international buyers. The show takes a satirical look at a day in the life of America, poking fun at everything from the country’s celebrity obsession to its 24-hour news culture, featuring impersonations and parodies of original characters.

McKeown commented, “State of the Union is a huge success in the U.S., with Showtime proving to be the perfect home for the series; the ratings and reviews have been terrific. It is very satisfying to see the show become equally popular with international viewers through its distribution by DRG. We are confident that the globally relevant and recognisable humour that runs through State of the Union will gain an even wider audience following MIPTV.”

Chris Bartlett, the VP of sales for DRG, added, “We have received fantastic feedback from the international broadcasters that have acquired series one of State of the Union, highlighted by their pick up of the new series. We are delighted to welcome Tracey and Allan back to Cannes and hope to conclude further deals at the market.”

DRG also distributes Mumbai Calling, another series from Allan McKeown. The prime-time comedy is filmed entirely on location in Mumbai, India, and is written by a team of writers in the U.K. It will air this spring on ITV.

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Production Notes For Season 2 of "Tracey Ullman's State of the Union"

Here are the characters appearing in each episode of the new season of "State of the Union".



Arianna Huffington – famous blogger/political pundit

Campbell Brown- CNN reporter

Celine Dion – singer

Chanel Monticello – airport x-ray screener

Dee McNally – flight attendant

Heather Mills-McCartney – Paul McCartney’s ex-wife

Laura Bush – former first lady

Linda Alvarez – newscaster

Mother Rose Panatella – praying nun

Padma Perkesh – Indian pharmacist

Ramona Petrie – woman stuck in tiny hybrid car

Shana Shonsteen – Jewish female suitor


Arianna Huffington

Campbell Brown

Dee McNally

Esther – FLDS woman on a compound

Laura Bush

Linda Alvarez

Luddy Walesa – Secretary/Deep Throat

Miuccia Prada – famous fashion designer

Mother Rose Panatella

Renee Zellweger – famous actress

Silda Spitzer – wife of former NY Gov. Elliot Spitzer

Tony Sirico –famous actor from The Sopranos

Wendy Trenton – hog-caller champion


Campbell Brown

Chanel Monticello

Dee McNally

Dina Lohan – mother of Lindsay Lohan

Grammy Cyrus – Miley Cyrus’ grandmother

J.K. Rowling – famous author

Laura Bush

Linda Alvarez

Lynne Garibaldi – Mother of handicap wizard son

Renee Zellweger

Tony Sirico


Campbell Brown

Chanel Monticello

Glamorous hostess – Hostess of death game show

Ingrid Thorvall – Woman looking to get surgery abroad

Juanita – Puerto Rican dancer

Len Goodman – Dancing With the Stars judge

Leslie Katz-Coen – Publicist for the Dalai Lama

Linda Alvarez

Lynne Garibaldi

Mother Rose Panatella

Padma Perkesh

Penny Landers – “Enough is Enough” terminally ill killer

Tom Brokaw – famous journalist

Vanessa Pludd – Extra-large woman on an airplane


Arnelle – performer in a body suit

Asmaa Kassim – Biggest star in Malawi

Dee McNally

Dina Lohan

Ingrid Thorvall

Jillian Smart – over zealous soccer mom

Linda Alvarez

Lisa Penning – soldier/mom on leave

Shannon – natural food store worker

Tom Brokaw

Vanessa Pludd


Beverly Carlyle – seasoned performer at a piano bar

Campbell Brown

Donna Karan – famous designer

Gretchen Pincus – author of White Widow

Jacqueline Lord – sun damaged daughter of Jack Lord

Jonah Hill – famous actor

Karen DaFoe – mother of Juno-like girl

Padma Perkesh

Rachel Ludlow

Rosarita Hernandez – illegal immigrant with an iPod

Seth Rogen – famous actor

Tori Campbell – dog walker


Chanel Monticello

Dr. Maguire – over prescribing doctor

Jodie Foster – famous actress

Lynne Garibaldi

Marta – hardened Olympic trainer

Miriam Minger – 50-year-old teacher who seduces students

Padma Perkesh

Robin Cavanaugh – rich wife whose life has been down-sized

Tom Brokaw

Valerie Frumkiss – perky senior and former variety show host


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