CELEB INSIDER: Ullman Fans Take Her for Real

April 09, 2009


CELEB INSIDER: Ullman Fans Take Her for Real
Comedic actress Tracey Ullman tells us she's gotten so comfortable doing all kinds of far-out characters on her Showtime series that some fans have a hard time distinguishing between what's real and what's not.

"Sometimes, people don't realize I'm not crazy. I'm actually really sensible," claims Ullman, who is in her second season of "State of the Union." "The other day, this guy goes, 'You're crazy!' They always say to me, 'My cousin's crazy like you. She should have her own show.' I'll say, 'You try getting a show! It's bloody hard!'"

Indeed it is. But, luckily, the bigwigs at Showtime know a good thing when they see it and are giving the brilliant multiple Emmy winner the opportunity to do what she loves.

"I'm so thrilled to be doing what I'm doing. I've always thought of myself as sort of a Henry Higgins. I love different voices and imitating people," she says. "I had never really impersonated famous people before, though. I always thought that was of the vein of 'Saturday Night Live,' but it does attract a little attention to the show. I thought if I was going to cover the day in the life of America, it would be interesting to cover well-known people as well. It feeds into America's obsession into celebrities, which is quite exhausting."

However, not all of her show is based on celebrities. She has a number of original characters and sketches, which she says have definitely evolved from her days on "The Tracey Ullman Show."

"When I look back at the show that I did in the '90s, it was such long sketches. I did, like, 14-minute sketches on location," she recalls. "It was great for its time, but this is a much easier show to do, in that you can buy stock footage now instead of going out and shooting everything yourself. There's also this sort of YouTube mentality to have the pieces be two to three minutes long. It's fun, because you move on to the next thing very quickly."

Emily-Fortune Feimster

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