Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Kate, or streepfan06, as she is more commonly known to the Youtube celebrity society, has provided yet another uncanny impersonation, this time of Kay Clark!

Kate, has even written a poem that we just had to share:

Tracey Ullman

here it goes,
oh damn what do I say!
Your a crazy, outrageous lady?,
oh no..that could scare her away!

Those words could sound too negative,
or be taken the wrong way,
let's try this thing again,
and write what you really want to say.

Tracey Ullman,
an amazing singer and comedian,
a great impressionist too,
a class act of your own,
your amazing at what you do.

Linda Granger was a recovering alcoholic,
a recovering drug addict too,
Chic was a crazy cab driver,
who would run over you!

Ruby Romaine was a make-up artist,
or "artiste" in her own words,
who smoked cigarettes like a chimney,
who had some of her hair in curls.

I don't know how you do it,
all these characters and voices,
It must've taken you alot of time,
you've made some really great choices!

Fern Rosenthal was a new york Jew,
she'd say "ay christ" and "shmuck",
a man asked her hand in marriage once,
and though "You stupid putz".

Chic was a cabby driver,
who thought he was "the shit",
who called himself "chick magnet",
who cursed and bragged and spit.

He said "hey baby, you like sex?",
I'd have to check with that,
why would I want to sleep with you,
I'd rather hit you with a bat!

I should wrap this poem up,
it's becoming way to long,
I think i've said what I wanted,
to say to you all along.

Your my favorite entertainer,
the best I've seen so far,
I love you Tracey Ullman,
your really great, you are!

I'll say the famous words,
you said in one of your shows,
it was the tracey ullman show,
" go home, go home, go home!"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Death Becomes Her" Tracey's Deleted Scenes, Script Pages

Back in 1991, Tracey was to make her big return to the siver screen in the Robert Zemeckis film, "Death Becomes Her". It was also to be a reunion of sorts with her "Plenty" co-star, and long-time friend, Meryl Streep.

Tracey was cast as "Toni", a bartender who befriends Dr. Ernest Menville, the husband of Madeline (Meryl), and ex-husband of Helen (Goldie Hawn).

Ernest and Toni decide to stage Earnest's death and run off together. Toni was pinnacle to the film's moral. Removing her expunges the point it's trying to make. Unfortuantely, this would be the result.

Upon completion, the film was shown to "test audiences", who filled out questionnaires recording what they "liked", "disliked", "would like to see more of". The audience prefered a darker ending of sorts. Cuts had to be made, and re-shoots had to be done. Tracey ended up on the cutting room floor.

Here is a copy of the original script featuring the dialog Tracey as Toni would have delivered. You get a better understanding of her character and how she befriends Ernest to begin with:

Here are the last ten pages of the script, the original ending:

Tracey and Bruce Willis were made up to look aged for the film's ending. Here is the only photograph known to publicly exist, exhibiting Tracey's make-up:

*Photograph courtesy of The Makeup Chair, and Cinefex/Cinefantastique

Some of Tracey's cut scenes can be seen in the early trailer:

The Director's cut of "Death Becomes Her" is at the top of the list as a film the fanbois/gurls want in their collection. Here's a petition demanding its release in some sort of DVD special edition:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tid Bits: Series 2, Episode 1

A sketch featuring Tracey as Celine Dion talking to Larry King via Satellite, will be part of the season premiere.

The Tracey Ullman Show-alum, Sam McMurray, will appear as well. The last time Sam and Tracey worked together was in "Tracey Ullman in the Trailer Tales".

Lastly, there's been a question out there since early last year asking who the pharmacy dancer with the fauxhawk is who dances with Padma Perskesh in the Bollywood sketches. We can reveal that it is, Peter Chursin. He will appear again in this upcoming series as well.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sneak Peek: "State of the Union" Season 2!

Here are some small pre-released press images from the upcoming second series, coming in April.

Photobucket Jillian Smart

Photobucket Linda Alvarez

Photobucket Jacqueline

Photobucket Linda Kats-Coen and Dali Lama (Joe Thamaka)

Photobucket Celine Dion

Photobucket the Glamorous Hostess

Photobucket Jodie Foster

Photobucket Jodie Foster in "Spongemom Pantsuit"

Photobucket Miuccia Prada

Photobucket Candy Cartwell (Jo Ann Harris), and Dee McNally

Photobucket Arnelle

Photobucket Lisa Penning

Photobucket Ingrid Thorvall

Photobucket Renee Zellweger

Photobucket Renee Zellweger with Piano Player (Allan McKeown)

Photobucket Vonda Shepard as FLDS Sister #1, Tracey Ullman as Esther, Katarina Gleicher as FLDS Sister #3, and Julia Fordham as FLDS Sister #2

Photobucket Lynne Garibaldi

Photobucket Lynne Garibaldi

Photobucket Arianna Huffington

Photobucket Grammy Cyrus and Miley Cyrus

Photobucket Tracey as Len Goodman - "Dancing With The Stars"

Photobucket Juanita and Dali Lama

Photobucket Donna Karen with assistant

Photobucket Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Photobucket JK Rowling