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Tracey Makes Vulture's 40 Best Dramatic Performances by Comedians List

Vulture chose Tracey's performance in Household Saints for its list.

The 40 Best Dramatic Performances by Comedians

24. Tracey Ullman, Household Saints (1993) 
Though Household Saints was an art-house favorite back in 1993, it’s sort of disappeared into the ether in the decades since; with it has gone Tracey Ullman’s terrific turn as Catherine Falconetti Santangelo, a fully assimilated Italian-American who’s stymied by her teen daughter Teresa’s obsession with Catholicism. Writer-director Nancy Savoca’s follow-up to her acclaimed True Love and Dogfight, Household Saints was an ambitious project meant to cover the changing lives of three generations of women in New York’s Little Italy. As the lady in the middle — daughter of a devout immigrant, mother to pious adolescent — Ullman serves as the audience surrogate, capturing how a person can be cognizant of the wonders of her faith while wishing they were a little less obtrusive.

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Tracey Ullman's Show Confirmed for January 11th Premiere!

Straight from the Beeb!

Tracey Ullman returns to British screens with her unique take on some of the extraordinary characters who live in, or are visiting, the global hub that is the UK. 

Treats in this episode include a delinquent Dame Judi Dench, a dangerously accident-prone massage therapist and Sally Preston, the feminist MP whose election pledge to remain topless throughout her term is starting to present challenges. There’s also a foot-tapping love song to Britain’s local libraries, and Angela Merkel as you’ve never seen her before. With a guest star appearance from Rupert Grint. 

Confirmed for BBC One on 11 January at 10.45pm to 11.15pm 
Ep 1/6

Tracey Ullman's Show!

We've found two different airdates for the premiere episode of Tracey's new show "Tracey Ullman's Show." British Comedy Guide reports that episode one will air Monday, January 11th at 10:45pm on BBC One, with each subsequent episode airing in the same time slot for an additional five weeks. reports that episode one will air Sunday, January 10th at 10:45pm on BBC One. Until the Beeb makes it official, watch this space. We should also point out that we still don't know when HBO in the US plans to air the new series. It will take place this year though!

Rare Photos of Tracey and Meryl Streep on the Set of "Plenty" (1985)

These candid moments captured by Bobby Stilwell on the set of "Plenty" (1985) come courtesy of his daughter Lucy J Stilwell. Bobby worked as a camera operator on the film. This is when and where Tracey and Meryl would first meet and would go on to become best friends. Bobby captured the start of their 30 year friendship!

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Mel Brooks Adds Tracey To His Dream Cast For Young Frankenstein

In an interview with The Independent, the legendary comedian sat down and discussed plans to stage a new musical version of "Young Frankenstein," his 1974 box office smash. His dream cast includes Tracey playing Frau Blücher, a role originated by Cloris Leachman. Tracey previously worked with Mel in "The Tracey Ullman Show" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," playing the witch, Latrine. "Young Frankenstein" is scheduled to open in London's West End in early 2016.

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Special BAFTA Screening and Q&A Scheduled For January!

Tracey, along with producer Caroline Norris and writers Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley will take part in a special two episode screening of "Tracey Ullman's Show" with a Q&A session to follow on January 5, 2016. Tickets will become available starting tomorrow, December 2, 2015.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016 - 6:45pm 

Princess Anne Theatre, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN 

Book Tickets

Join us for an exclusive screening of the new series starring the EMMY, Golden Globe and BAFTA award winner Tracey Ullman as she returns to BBC One.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Tracey Ullman, producer Caroline Norris and writers Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley

"Tracey Ullman’s Show” showcases Tracey’s extraordinary ability to mimic just about anyone. The six part series features everyday characters and famous faces as Tracey turns her hugely successful comedy eye on the people who live in, and visit, the global hub that is the UK. In the mix, there's a delinquent Dame Judi Dench, Dominic the incompetent app developer, Karen the former drugs mule returning after 28 years in Thai jail, and a surprising take on Angela Merkel.

We shall be screening two 30 minute episodes.

With thanks to BBC One Booking opens Wednesday 2 December, 9:30am

Please note that you will be able to collect your tickets at Reception before this event

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MIPCOM: Tracey Ullman on Her New Show, BBC's Female Revolution

by Scott Roxborough 10/7/2015 4:01am PDT

“We just had Benny Hill girls,” says the comedy veteran who is returning to British TV for the first time in 30 years. “You had to run around in a bikini basically.”

Tracey Ullman is back. And this time she’s British.
The 55-year-old comedian, winner of 7 Emmys and 1 Golden Globe for such U.S. shows as Fox’s The Tracey Ullman Show (1987-1990), HBO’s Tracey Takes On (1996-1999) and Showtime’s State of the Union (2008-2010), has returned to her native England for her latest project, a sketch comedy show for the BBC. It marks the first time in 30 years that Ullman will be on British TV.
According to Ullman, it all started, with new, female bosses at the U.K. public broadcaster, namely BBC One controller Charlotte Moore and comedy chief Myfanwy Moore.
“I don’t know why they thought of me, what made them remember, but we sat down and just hit it off,” Ullman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Just to be in a room with two women at the BBC talking comedy. When I started at the BBC, it was five men in bow ties talking about the war. It was so male dominated then.”
Female comedians were a rare species back in the 1980s, when Ullman was first making British TV, on sketch shows, such as A Kick up the Eighties andThree of a Kind.
“American [comedy] was always stronger because you had Lucille Ball, you had Carol Burnett, you had Lily Tomlin, Gilda Radner. I came from a country where we just had Benny Hill girls,” she says. “You had to run around in a bikini basically in the ‘80s in Britain. Then I did a sketch show and Pamela Stevenson and then (Dawn) French and (Jennifer) Saunders just shook it all up. But I grew up thinking I could be a character actress. I didn’t think I could go into comedy.”
Now, Ullman notes, femme funny is in. She cites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler (“they’ve made a huge difference”), Melissa McCarthy (“she shows women can open movies”) and Amy Schumer(“I love her. Love her. She’s like that bad girl at school you so wanted to be friends with.”)
To hear her describe it, the new BBC show will be a typical Ullman mix of out-there characters and impersonations with the odd song-and- dance number thrown in the mix.
“It is fabulous to be able to do more British characters again,” she says. “I’ve done the national treasures: Judi DenchMaggie SmithCamilla Parker Bowles.” But her favorite impersonation, Ullman says, was German chancellorAngela Merkel.
“She was so much fun to do! I imagine what she’s like when she’s not in a room full of boys – when she’s with her best friend and they talk about shopping and she does her hair,” says Ullman. “It’s the lighter side of Angela Merkel. She sings quite a bit, too.”
Ullman says she actually has a great deal of admiration for the German leader. “I hope she sees this show. I’d really like to meet her through this,” she says.
The first six-episode season of The Tracey Ullman Show will go out on BBC One next year. HBO has picked up the U.S. rights, and DRG is handling worldwide sales.

Tracey Ullman heads to MIPCOM

by TBI reporter 
September 25, 2015 
Tracey Ullman is heading to Cannes to promote her new BBC comedy seriesTracey Ullman’s Show.
“I will be at MIPCOM to meet everyone,” she tells TBI. “People need content, and there are so many digital platforms now and so many secondary markets.”
Ullman, who has had several TV successes in the US, where she is based, says her Anglo-American perspective will become clear in the new show. “I think I am a hybrid of America and England,” she says. “I’ve done several shows in America, and they have been a mix of characters and things from the zeitgeist. Each episode of the new show encompasses a day in the UK, where people come and go, from dawn to dusk.”
Tracey Ullman’s Show marks the comedian’s comeback to British TV. The BBC is producing the six-parter in-house alongside Allan McKeown Presents.
DRG, which sells Ullman’s Showtime shows, is handling international sales and will launch the series at MIPCOM. Ullman will meet buyers and press at the market.
DRG, which is now part of the Modern Times Group, will be shopping her series alongside its other comedy offerings including Peep ShowDetectoristsand Delivery Man.

DRG to Rep BBC's Upcoming Tracey Ullman's Show

By Joanna Padovano
Published: September 25, 2015 
LONDON: DRG has picked up the international distribution rights for the upcoming BBC series Tracey Ullman’s Show, an original comedy sketch program.
Tracey Ullman’s Show will present the titular comedienne’s observation of modern life. The 6x30-minute series will feature celebrity impressions and returning comedy characters that the award-winning actress is known for, along with a number of new characters. Ullman will be attending next month’s MIPCOM to promote her show to international buyers at the market.
Noel Hedges, the executive VP of content at DRG, remarked: “We’re thrilled that Tracey will be joining us at MIPCOM to launch her new series. Tracey is known around the world for her funny, intelligent comedy performances and the upcoming series will include a range of characters and sketches that will be recognizable, familiar and topical to international audiences.”
Ullman, the series’ creator, added: “It’s a privilege to be doing this. I still feel as inspired to inhabit people as I did when I was 6, standing on the windowsill in my mother’s bedroom, putting on a show.”

First Look At Tracey As German Chancellor Angela Merkel

The first glimpse of the Tracey Ullman Sketch Show sees Ullman as German Chancellor Angela Merkel 
BBC One boss Charlotte Moore promises innovation 
The controller of BBC One has said she is committed to taking risks on the channel, with every new programme being required to “break the mould”.
Charlotte Moore said she would “guarantee investment in innovation” in the coming years.
Moore was speaking at the channel’s autumn and winter launch, where she announced shows including the return of Luther and Sherlock.
She also announced a “visceral” new retelling of the ancient story of Troy.
The drama, told from the perspective of a Trojan family during the war between Greece and Troy, would be “unlike anything we’ve ever seen on BBC One before”, she promised.
Moore said: “We all know BBC One’s remit is to entertain, educate and inform for a mainstream audience.
"But I want to make three promises. BBC One will be defined in the coming years by its commitment to risk taking. I will guarantee investment in innovation. And I will challenge every new commission to break the mould.”
The autumn line-up also includes Abi Morgan’s police drama River and Capital, starring Toby Jones as an investment banker living on a south London street that is transformed by rising house prices.
Costume dramas War and Peace and the 20-part Dickensian will also be screened, as will a new adaptation of John le Carre’s novel The Night Manager starring Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston.
The launch also gave a first glimpse of Tracey Ullman’s return to British TV. In a clip from the Tracey Ullman Sketch Show, the comedian and actress is seen portraying German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
There will also be a landmark comedy season to mark 60 years since Hancock’s Half Hour launched the sitcom on British TV.
The landmark season will see current comedy stars recreate classic comedy shows. However the sitcoms that will be recreated have not yet been revealed.
It will also include a documentary charting the career of comedian Peter Kay and a live episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys.
Mrs Brown’s Boys star Brendan O'Carroll said he was “seriously delighted”.
He said: “When I heard the BBC were letting us go fully live I thought, they’ve lost their minds. As Mrs Brown’s Boys started in the theatre, it gives us a chance to show the TV audience live what we really do.”
Meanwhile, Kay described Twenty Years of Funny as “a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the last 20 years and highlight some of the work it’s been my honour to create”.
There will also be a one-off drama To Sir With Love, adapted by Hanif Kureishi from ER Braithwaite’s 1959 novel.
Kureishi said as a young man the book was “the only novel I was aware of which dealt with the subject of race in Britain, and I hope this dramatisation provides a vivid portrayal, particularly for the young, of how Britain has changed since then, and how it has remained the same”.
And JK Rowling will executive produce an adaptation of her Cormoran Strike Mysteries, based on the crime novels she writes under the name Robert Galbraith.


In Ruby We Trust?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about putting a woman on the $10 bill. Well, we nominate Ruby Romaine! And why not? She’s powdered many a President’s kisser up for the camera just beautiful. “I powered Reagan’s nose for those Chesterfield ads!” She also agreed to have a radio transmitter installed in one of her back teeth to spy on all those commie Hollywood movie stars for the CIA. She even had Senator Joe McCarthy’s baby. “He was the first person I did it with in a blimp from sea to shining sea.” See what we mean? Ruby should have this thing in the bag!‪ #‎TeamRomaine‬ 


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Tracey Ullman returns to BBC with own comedy show

Ullman last appeared regularly on the BBC in the 1980s
Tracey Ullman is to return to the BBC with her own comedy series, some 30 years after she was a regular face on British TV.
The actress, writer and singer, who has enjoyed decades of success in the US, said it was "a privilege" to be back.
Her six-part series, The Tracey Ullman Show, is part of a raft of new comedy commissions announced by the BBC.
Ullman last appeared on the BBC in A Kick up the Eighties and Three of a Kind in the early and mid-1980s.
She also starred in ITV sitcom Girls on Top, before emigrating to the United States.
Her early career included Three of a Kind with David Copperfield (left) and Lenny Henry
She later created The Tracey Ullman Show for the US Fox network, winning several Emmy and Golden Globe awards.
The show famously spawned cartoon series The Simpsons, which started out as short sketches either side of a commercial break.
"It’s a privilege to be doing this," said Ullman of her new BBC One series"I still feel as inspired to inhabit people as I did when I was six, standing on the windowsill in my mother’s bedroom, putting on a show.
"The BBC has changed a bit since the last time I worked here, when it was all men in bow ties who had completed National Service.
'Missing gem'
"Now there are a lot more women," she continued. "Great ones. The important things haven’t changed, though.
"The BBC still provides an environment that allows you to the freedom to create the best shows possible."
"It’s about time the Americans gave her back," said Shane Allen, controller of comedy commissioning."Tracey has been the missing gem in the British comedy crown for too long.
"Talent doesn’t come much bigger and the BBC audience is in for a huge treat."
Ullman, now 55, was recently seen alongside Meryl Streep and James Corden in film musical Into the Woods.