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Summary of Episode 2 from Series 2 of Tracey Ullman's Show

Ep 2/6
Friday 10 February

The second episode sees the return of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who is shopping for cut price animal print leggings - or Jodhpurs as she prefers to call them.

Tracey Ullman brings her unique take on some extraordinary characters in the UK.

It's movie night in the Murdoch household; Germaine Greer is ranting at a student as she waits at the bus stop; long-suffering OAP Kay is at home with her stubborn elderly mother during a storm... there’s a foot of water in the lounge - but mum is staying put.

Meanwhile Dame Maggie has a new job as a vlogger and the planners have their sights on a run-down housing estate - but is gentrification good for everyone? The scene is set for a rap challenge.

Guest starring Kevin Bishop.

Source: BBC

Comedian Tracey Ullman: Judi Dench has been very kind about me playing her

Daily Express:

TRACEY Ullman’s back for a second series of her sketch show which, much to her relief, has Judi Dench’s seal of approval.


Tracey Ullman’s back for a second series of her sketch show

Tracey Ullman’s triumphant return to British TV last year in a new sketch show was dominated by two impersonations in particular, both of them quite daring. Tracey’s take on German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Dame Judi Dench were uncanny – she got the look, the voice, the mannerisms. But depicting national treasure Dame Judi as a mischief-making kleptomaniac and Merkel as a silly flirt obsessed with her sex appeal was a cheeky risk.

The good news is that Dame Judi found it funny. When we meet to discuss the second series of Tracey Ullman’s Show, Tracey informs us that she’s only had positive feedback for the series, her first on British television for more than three decades.

“All of these celebrities have been incredible sports about it – especially Judi Dench,” says Tracey, 57. “She’s been very kind about me playing her, and her daughter, Finty, has said they think it’s great. So I’m glad I’ve got her seal of approval.”

And even if she hasn’t had feedback from Merkel, Tracey has had the thumbs-up from some of Merkel’s subjects, as well. “I was out with my daughter having dinner and we had a German waiter who said, ‘I want to thank you for portraying a good, mainstream, funny German character on British television,’” recalls Tracey.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, it’s been a while since ’Allo ’Allo.’”

Tracey Ullman as Judy Dench

In the new series we see the German Chancellor wrestling with Brexit. Just two days before shooting started last summer, the Brexit vote happened and required hasty rewrites of scripts. “We had to do some quick rewriting for Merkel, but it benefited the piece, I think. She sings a song about being all on her own,” says Tracey.

In order to freshen up the second series, Tracey also cut out a bunch of characters and substituted new stars – this time she impersonates Clare Balding, Germaine Greer, Nicola Sturgeon and Jerry Hall.

As Angela Merkel

“The challenge is to take it up a level and reflect what’s going on in the world this year,” says Tracey.
“I’m fascinated by the nuptials of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall. Ben Miller guest starred as Rupert Murdoch and he was quite brilliant.

“I’ve had a crack at Nicola Sturgeon because I just love the way she says ‘world’” – Tracey says it in Sturgeon’s distinctive Ayrshire accent – “and because the make-up was genius.”

Tracey’s return reminds us of her unique talents that she’s been wowing Americans with for years.

“I’m constantly inspired by things that are happening and that’s what this premise gives me,” muses Tracey. “I’ve done 12 shows now and had a wonderful time.”

Tracey Ullman's Show, Friday, 9.30PM, BBC1

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A GOOD IMPRESSION Tracey Ullman: ‘Dame Judi Dench’s daughter says they watch my sketches at home’

The Sun:

She's back… and no celebrity is safe


One of the highlights of Tracey Ullman’s return to British TV last year was her hilarious send-up of Judi Dench, who got away with all kinds of delinquency by using her ‘national treasure’ status.

So there’s good news as Tracey’s comedy show heads into a second series – Dame Judi is back, and she’s even naughtier than before.

Tracey Ullman’s Show: Tracey plays a very naughty version of Dame Judi Just as well, then, that the lady herself approves of Tracey’s impression.

“People are incredible sports about my sketches, especially Dame Judi,” laughs the 57-year-old comic.

“She’s been very kind. Her daughter says that they watch the sketches at home and think they’re great.”

Another public figure who was royally mocked in the last series of Tracey Ullman’s Show was Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

But, funnily enough, Tracey’s not had any feedback from her.

“I haven’t heard from the Palace about Camilla,” she says.

“It’s been ominously silent from Highgrove, and I’ve heard nothing from Balmoral.

“It’s a little crazy what I do with that character, but I really hope they take it in the right spirit. The show is very affectionate. I don’t think I’m mean-spirited at all. I don’t pick on people.”

Tracey Ullman’s Show: The comedian has a soft spot for Angela Merkel

The roll-call of people not being picked on this series includes Germaine Greer, Clare Balding (“I adored her Olympic coverage”) and the SNP leader.

“I’ve had a crack at Nicola Sturgeon,” she smiles. “I don’t know why but I just love the way she says the word ‘world’!”

Tracey – who over a very distinguished comedy career has won seven Emmys, two BAFTAs and a Golden Globe Award – will also be returning to one of our other favourites from the last series, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The comedian has a soft spot for her.

“She’s had such an incredible time over the last two years,” explains Tracey.

“It will be interesting to see what happens to her this year. It’s all change around the world. But I do enjoy playing her, even if I have a really terrible German accent!

“I had a German waiter come up to me the other night and say: ‘I want to thank you for creating a funny German character on mainstream British TV.’ I suppose it has been a while since ’Allo, ’Allo!.”

As it’s a topical comedy, Tracey and her writers have to be prepared for any big event.

“I’m constantly inspired by things that are happening,” she explains.

“What’s going on in the world this year is the premise of the show. So I’m using celebs as Trojan horses to comment on the news. You try to stay on top of things, but it’s hard to keep ahead of the news. Everything changes so fast.

Tracey Ullman Show: Another public figure who was royally mocked in the last series of Tracey Ullman’s Show was Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. But, funnily enough, Tracey’s not had any feedback from her “This series, we wrote some material for the Angela Merkel character, but then two days before shooting we had the Brexit vote, which sidelined a lot of that material.

"So we had to do some very quick rewriting and produced a song about how she feels all alone now.” And she admits a constantly changing world can actually throw up some great gags.

“Is the sketch show dead because there is nothing to parody any more? I don’t think so,” Tracey asserts.

“In fact, I believe, when the world is in flux, comedy has an even more important role to play than usual.

“The instability of the world is unnerving, and you don’t always know what comedy angle to take because you don’t want to sound glib. But shows such as Saturday Night Live have proved that there is still very much a place for comedy today. People still enjoy it.”

So, do we actually find comfort in comedy when the world is so tumultuous?

“Absolutely,” she agrees. “You cling on to comedy in times like these. ‘Tumultuous’ is such a great word – nobody’s going to use a better word today. I’m going to use that word all day and not credit you!”

NEW! Tracey Ullman’s Show Friday 9.30pm BBC1

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Tracey to Appear in HBO's Girls

Tracey is to appear in the upcoming and final season of HBO's comedy-drama Girls. Details are scarce aside from Tracey's character's name: "Ode". Tracey was caught on the set with writer/creator Lena Dunham back in May in Brooklyn. The new season will start airing February 12, 2017.

Photo courtesy of Frank DeFalco