'Black Mirror' Creators on Tracey in 'Death to 2020'

Tracey as Queen Elizabeth II

Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones talk about their latest project Death to 2020 to The Hollywood Reporter. Here's an excerpt where they talk about Tracey portraying Queen Elizabeth II.

And then The Crown and the drama around it was one of a few Netflix mentions. How do the executives react to Netflix's inclusion — is anything off-limits?
Brooker: We got 1,000 pounds every time we mention a Netflix production! (Laughs.) They give notes. But it’s more creative notes, like to tighten a bit, for example. We wanted to include little mentions like Tiger King, because it felt like it was part of common experience this year. And, it was a little bit cheeky. I think the Queen is part of the Netflix cinematic universe. Obviously, this is not The Crown. But I like to think that, much like Doctor Who, she can appear with different actors playing the same role. (Laughs.) Tracey Ullman makes an amazing Queen. If they want to do an additional season of The Crown, they should definitely be casting Tracey Ullman if they get to Season… Now.
Jones: Tracey is just so good at impressions. She’s not just a brilliant comedy actress; she really gets nuance and getting the intonation right, and the mannerisms. She walked onto set and from what we could see [virtually], the crew were almost in reverence to her like she was the Queen by the way she was handling herself. But what’s interesting about Netflix is that they have also been a story of the year. Without, sadly, any cinematic releases, suddenly Netflix is what everyone is going to. Charlie, you often say that when you picture the apocalypse the cliché is that you see people running through the streets and fighting for water, and really, the reality is everyone at home watching Netflix!

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