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Sarah Paulson Praises Tracey's Performance in "Mrs. America"

In a recent interview, actress, and Mrs. America co-star, Sarah Paulson talked about feminist icon, Betty Friedan, as well as Tracey's performance portraying Friedan in the upcoming FX limited series (available on Hulu in the US starting April 15th) ...

Sarah recounted one rousing scene, an example of the feminist era in which Tracey, as writer and activist Friedan figures in: "I remember when we shot a scene at 4 in the morning in a thus Huston Convention. When Betty stands up, that was a big moment more for her character in terms of doing something that was not easy for her to do, which was relinquish some of her power. It was important for Betty to feel that people respected her real contribution to this movement, which was enormous.
"As everybody started coming up and Gloria started getting more press, I think it was threatening to Better. So it was a very big, powerful moment for gay women to feel that they had a place and a seat at the table, as it would be for any group of people. And Betty doing that gave it an enormous weight and obviously was effective and very moving for a lot of people who were there."
Ever gracious, Sarah complimented her co-star: "I feel so excited about Tracey's work in this show. So many people know Tracey for all of her extraordinary comedy, but to see her do something with such emotional depth and all that, that's the kind of actress she's always been. She was given an opportunity to do that and remind audiences of her extraordinary, power gifts.

h/t: @sarahpaulsonsbean (Twitter)

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